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Who wouldn't want to watch a horror film called Bikini Girls on Ice?  The film is directed by Geoff Kline and stars Cindel Chartrand, Suzi Lorraine, Danielle Doetsch, William Jarand, Kerri Taylor, Ivan Peric, Terek Ghader, Christina Sciortino, Caroline Faille, Melissa Paulson, Sandy Greig, Michael Aaron, Pierre Lefebvre, and Gigi Hebert.

The film is available at Amazon UK (PAL Format)


When a bus-load of womens college soccer players get stranded on their way to a bikini car-wash fundraiser, they decide to set-up shop in front of an abandoned gas station on the edge of town. Little do they know the place is the stalking-grounds for a homicidal maniac mechanic named Moe.


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