Nic Cage Simply Killing Time With GHOST RIDER 2 Before NATIONAL TREASURE 3 Fires Up

Not good news this morning for fans waiting on Ghost Rider 2. Nic Cage has simply said he is pretty much filming Ghost Rider 2 to kill time before National Treasure 3 starts filming. Cage is kind of battling financial woes believe it or not and he's even taking a paycut for GR 2 trimming down his usual $20 mil paycheck to only $7 mil.  He's pretty much taking any small sucky roles laid in front of him to help his wallet troubles out. He will get is $20 mil for NT3 though.

Everything is being rushed now on Ghost Rider 2 which just makes me think it's going to suck but I hope I'm wrong! Sony has to get GR 2 going before November or the rights go back to Marvel which is now owned by Disney.

So, what do y'all think? Will you go see it anyway even if you know it's goning to suck?


Source: Vulture

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