The forthcoming season of Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood is going to have an interesting mix of writers, Chicago Tribune reports.

(Russell T.) Davies, who created the Doctor Who spinoff, will of course write several episodes of the 10-part series, but other writers for Season 4 include John Shiban (Breaking Bad, Supernatural, The X-Files), Doris Egan (House, Tru Calling, Dark Angel), Jane Espenson (Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica, Buffy) and John Fay (a U.K. Torchwood writer).

Eve Myles and John Barrowman will return as Gwen Cooper and Captain Jack Harkness, along with some new team members--which is good because (spoiler alert if you haven't seen the last couple of seasons--you've been told) all the other characters are dead.  Seriously.  The coming season is reported to have more of an international scope--which is fine since Cardiff-based stories are getting a little old.  The new characters are reported to include American characters, which makes some sense as this season will be a co-production between the BBC and Starz.  It airs next summer in America on Starz rather than BBC America.  Starz is a subscription network, so the series might be free to explore its more adult themes without the censoring that would come with airing on BBC America.

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