Watch The New Teaser Trailer For Wolfgang Meyer's Occult Thriller 'THE GATE OF FALLEN ANGELS'


Here's a cool looking teaser trailer for director Wolfgang Meyer's upcoming occult thriller The Gate of Fallen Angels.  This promising indie film stars Paton Ashbrook, Wolfgang Meyer, Dee Martin, Brandon Slagle, Tara Punzone, Lenny Safko, Maria Cristina  and more. More to come on this one!  Check out the trailer after the jump.

From the Press Release:

Rotten Apple Productions is proud to present the trailer for the long-delayed feature film THE GATE OF FALLEN ANGELS - directed by Wolfgang Meyer prior to his work on the anticipated 15 Till Midnight and Song of the Shattered.

                                                        "Lucifer Returns"


Archeology grad-student Victoria Keeting (Paton Ashbrook) leads a quiet life except for maybe her interactions with her friend Kimberly Matthews (Maria Cristina), a rich party girl who is constantly trying to drag Victoria out to night clubs so that she can have an accomplice to not growing up. Until the day that Victoria stumbles upon old castle ruins and finds a box which contains the "Fire Stones" which once belonged to the fallen angel Lucifer (Wolfgang Meyer) before he was cast out of heaven.

Now a gate has been unlocked that will unleash a myriad of troubles for Victoria and all who surround her, friends and colleagues alike, as Lucifer is once again permitted to return to earth in human form.

Victoria's troubles only continue as one of her friends is gruesomely murdered outside of the nightclub - "The Cave". The owner Zuess (Brandon Slagle) may be involved, though Detective Stevens (Lenny Safko), thinks that Victoria might have some sort of connection to the killing.

Victoria also needs to get the fire stones authenticated, but doing so without having them and all her hard worked stripped from her is a difficult task. Under the suggestion of her friend Tammy White (Tammy VanderWiele) she gets help from Martina Bermann (Tara Punzone), a dominatrix with a doctorate in archeology. But Martina has a darker secret then her work in the sex trade. Martina does dark magic and is soon employed by Lucifer in his quest to retrieve his stones.

Will Victoria be able to learn the true secrets of the fire stones, before Lucifer kills all of her friends and comes to claim her soul as well?

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