DJ PERRY To Guest On “INDEPENDENT CORNER” Monday August 9th @ 10:00 PM East...Be There Or Else!

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DJ Perry has had many releases and unlike many actors his fans are from various genres. The family faith market knows DJ from films like “Book of Ruth, Journey of Faith” and “Figure in the Forest.” Other fans know DJ from westerns like “Miracle at Sage Creek,” “Ghost Town,” “Wicked Spring” and “Judges.” The blood and boobs fanzombies know DJ from films such as “The 8th Plague,” “An Ordinary Killer,” and “GPS.” He has even done some comedy in films like “From Venus” and “Tangy Guacamole” both looking at getting re-releases in light of new attention.


 “DJ Perry adds a flavor that is completely unique and I believe he will help put some grit back into American actors,” laughs UK director John Regan speaking on his upcoming “Sherwood Horror” film that has Perry cast as the films lead Rob Locksley. The modernized tale has Robin Hood do what all anti-Twilight folks would like to do. KILL VAMPIRES in this action packed Southern Gothic re-telling.



Another exciting project in DJ’s future came by way of the announcement from B4 Tyme Entertainment that DJ had won the role of Jesus of Nazareth in another epic modernization called “In Our Time.” Lionsgate Films will distribute the dramatic piece worldwide. 


 Fans who want to ask questions or say hello can catch DJ Perry LIVE on Jon Moody’s blog talk radio show “THE INDEPENDENT CORNER” on Monday the 9th of August at 10:00 pm EST at:  you can either call in at 1-646-915-8693 a half hour after the show starts or you can chat in the chat room provided and ask questions in there. Its a show you won't want to miss!

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