Review: Robert Angelo Masciantonio's NEIGHBOR Gets A B+ (Is That Your Blood Type?)

When Robert Angelo Masciantonio sat down to write and then direct Neighbor I wonder if he knew he'd be introducing us to a new character that would go down in movie history as one of the most brutal, unapologetic, imaginative, and comedic slasher-types simply known as "The Girl", that's right a female people! Yes move over Jason, Freddy and Leatherface there's a new female moving in the neighborhood and she has her eye on your zippers! 

America Olivo plays our title character to perfection. The Girl is as entertaining from scene one to the finale and never misses a beat or a pulse for that matter. She lures her prey in with her " neighborly"charm (no pun intended) and then BANG, it's uh-oh time!

Christian Campbell plays her "main" interest Don Carpenter and goes through more torture, pain and abuse than I've ever seen one person go through in a horror movie or any other kind of movie for that matter.  Aside from the random friends showing up and knocking on the door  Olivo's and Campbell's characters relationship grows throught out the film and more blood is spilled and flesh torn on certain body parts that has been thought of or seen before.

To have these kind of gory scenes you have to have the best special effects and that's where Vincent Gaustini steps in. The guy can bring the imagination and the blood! We have body parts being introduced to a new kind of pain! You may now cringe!

Neighbor shows Campbell's character in the aftermath of his horrific ordeal and how he lives traumatized, always looking over his shoulder, jumpy to the slightest touch and seeing things.  Watch out if you see a new girl move in your neighborhood it might be her! Neighbor makes Hostel and Saw look like Romper Room!

The Special Features include:

  • Commentary from the director and producer
  • Commentary with Dr. Karen Oughton
  • A Special Effects Featurette which is my favorite!
  • A Fight Scene Featurette
  • Behind the Scenes Interviews
  • A Gag Reel, another favorite of mine!
  • Music Video
  • Trailer Gallery

This is a much see for any true horror fan, watch Neighbor and tell your friends! Neighbor gets A B+ (That's A B Positive! Is that your blood type?)

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