Disney Princesses wearing Superhero Costumes

ArtDisneyby Joey Paur

Hey gang! Here's some fun Disney princess superhero art for you to check out. An artist that goes by the name of Kreugan on Deviant Art decided to show us what some of these famous Disney princesses would look like if they were Superheronies.

In the past we've showed you some sexy comic book style Disney princess art, as well as the darker twisted side of some of these Princesses. These new ones may not be as elaborate, but they're still cool.

Here's a note from the artist:

I initially said I would continue to add the rest of the princesses, but that probably won't be happening. I'm sorry if I haven't gotten to your favorite princess yet! The truth is it was a random 2am whim and isn't my usual thing. While I am incredibly grateful for all of the kind words and that people get a kick out of this, it is a bit strange to get so much attention for something so random! Sort of wish I'd put more time into it now, haha.

I also want to let people know - I pretty much never draw Disney fanart, so please do check out the rest of my gallery before watching me. I'm grateful for all watches, of course, but I wouldn't want people to expect more Disney when they probably won't ever get it!

Check out the art below and hit us up with your thoughts!