Guillermo del Toro Developing Projects for DreamWorks Animation and TV

As if Guillermo del Toro didn't already have enough projects on his plate to work on, it was revealed in a recent interview that he is also working on other projects for DreamWorks Animation. Apparently he spends time at the DreamWorks Animation studio every week helping develop upcoming animated film projects, and he's also developing a themed cable television series that has yet to be announced.

This guy has seriously got to be one of the busiest creative talents in Hollywood, who spreads himself so thin. It was recently announced that his next film project will be At The Mountains of Madness with producer James Cameron. 

Every Tuesday night for the past few months Del Toro goes to DreamWorks where he acts as a creative consultant on several specific projects. He is pretty much helping out with everything, from design to story. None of the projects he is helping out with have been announced yet, so it should be interesting to see what these end up being.

I love that this guy is so hands on with so many different projects! It shows just how passionate this creative talent is. Any fan of Del Toro will be interested in checking this video interview out where he talks about a number of other subjects including his thoughts on how The Sopranos ended.

Check out the full video interview below thanks to Collider:

Guillermo del Toro Developing Projects at DreamWorks Animation and TV Shows; Plus What Did He Think About THE SOPRANOS Ending from ColliderVideos on Vimeo.