Is 39 Year Old John Hamm up for the SUPERMAN role for the Reboot?

He might look the role but John Hamm is 12 years older than Brandon Routh was when Superman Returns released and is 13 years older than Christopher Reeve was when Superman hit theaters back in 1978.

TMT reports that Hamm is being heavily considered for the Superman reboot which is being written by David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan. I really hope this is just news passing by or a harsh rumor. If they do cast him he is only good for one or two movies before he's too old for the role. I say bring back Brandon Routh! He is still young, looks the role and did a great job in Superman Returns! I'd be ok with Tom Welling what about you guys?

Here's what Hamm told MTV back in February;

"It's a tricky road to go down with some of those heroes, because they're not flawed. Superman is Superman — he's invincible, so where's the drama?"


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