Kieron Gillen to Join UNCANNY X-MEN Creative Team

Noted video game journalist and comic scribe Kieron Gillen (Thor, Phonogram) will join Matt Fraction as a co-writer on Uncanny X-Men beginning with #531. The issue also marks the beginning of a new storyline involving the X’s losing their powers due to a run-in with the Sublime Corporation.

"For the last thirty years, Uncanny X-Men has been superhero comics' truest reflection of the age. That's what I have to live up to and take it into the future, trying to write the definitive twenty-teen take on the X-Men,” explained Gillen. “Any less is underselling what the book deserves. Co-writing with Matt seems a worryingly natural development, as we were friends, then were working together creating the five lights for Generation Hope.”

According to the press release announcing the team-up, Gillen is now an “exclusive” writer for Marvel. Could this spell disaster for his projects published outside the House of Ideas? Let's hope not!

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