Seth Green Offers a Few More Details on his STAR WARS Animated Sitcom

Robot Chicken's Seth Green and Matt Senreich haven't revealed much about their upcoming new Star Wars animated sitcom series that they are developing, but from the sound of it, the show is going to be pretty damn hilarious. The show has been described in this recent interview as Jon Stewart meets Spongebob Squarepants

The recently spoke to Big Shiny Robot, and revealed they are hard at work on it and developing the project full time. They also gave a few more bits of information worth knowing:

  • They're going to make the entire first season of this show and then shop it around to a network, much the same as what Lucasfilm did with the Clone Wars series.
  • The show is a "surreal experience" and "a short form comedy," and it's "the funniest thing since Lucille Ball." It's also "Jon Stewart on steroids mixed with David Chapelle."
  • George Lucas had compared it to Spongebob Squarepants, and they hinted that it might be like Spongebob, in the way that stoned college students appreciate him.
  • The show will be computer-generated animation, but it'll be "unlike any established Star Wars you've ever seen."
  • The interviewer asked if Yoda will be on the show, and both Green and Senreich froze and then made a big deal of not revealing anything. It was then that a voice over my right shoulder said, “Don’t tell these guys anything.  And don’t listen to a word these guys say.”

I can't wait to see what these guy have in store for us! There's no doubt it's going to be a blast to watch though. I wouldn't expect anything less from these guys. What do you all think?

To read the full interview, Click Here.