HOUSTON HORRORFEST Dates and lineup announced!

                                      HOUSTON HORRORFEST BLOODIES TEXAS

Mayhem takes to the screen this October 13, 14, & 15 at the Alamo Draft House (Westoaks) with a collection of six horrific feature films made in Houston by local directors. “Slashers, smashers, zombies, maniac medieval knights and more! This festival has something for everyone,” says director Kerry Beyer.

Kicking off the festival will be shorts from the SplatterFest “Weekend of Mayhem” short film competition, in which contestants have one weekend to write, shoot, and edit a horror short. SplatterFest competition dates are September 24-26th.

The line up:

Sweatshop – Charlie (Ashley Kay) is hoping tonight's rave will be the biggest and baddest she's ever thrown, but after breaking into an abandoned factory that houses a bloodthirsty beast, she and her friends will be lucky to last until the party starts. Directed by Stacy Davidson.

Fleshkeeper - When their car unfortunately breaks down in the middle of a Texas road trip, a group of terrified travelers must endure a horrific night of torture and murder as they are forced to play a sadistic game that pits the friends against each other. Directed by Gerald Nott.

Spirt Camp - After completing a stint in juvi, abrasive goth girl Nikki (Roxy Vandiver) reluctantly attends a summer cheerleading camp, where she locks horns with annoying queen bee Rachel (Julin) and catches the unwanted attention of a mysterious psycho killer lurking in the shadows, in this funny yet edgy slasher. Directed by Kerry Beyer.

Backroad – Disturbed over his father’s death, Jasper Hawkins recovers from his sorrow in a sleazy motel room. But on the long walk home, a likeable yet unnerving traveling salesman offers Jasper a ride, leading him on a bloody road trip culminating in the revelation of a dark family secret in this supernatural thriller. Directed by Wayne Slaten.

Zombiefied – (World Premiere) A local metal concert becomes a bloodbath as something in the music turns the fans in to raging zombies. The race is on to control the outbreak and stop the music before it is broadcast over the radio, infecting the entire city. Directed by Todd Cook.

Dead of Knight – (World Premiere) When her friends are savagely murdered one by one, Marla struggles to survive the wrath of a 500 year old medieval knight who has returned to claim a magical amulet now in her possession. Directed by Joe Grisaffi.

HorrorFest Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-5WIt3ULXE

For more information visit http://houstonhorror.com/

SplatterFest official rules and entry forms available at http://splatterfest.com/

Tickets available at http://drafthouse.com/westoaks


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