Warner Bros. Developing AL CAPONE Origins Film called CICERO

It seems like these days we associate origin stories with superhero movies, I guess even real life hardcore villainous gangsters have their own origin stories that need to be told. Warner bros has picked up a screenplay by Walon Green (Law & Order) that tells us the origin story of legendary gangster Al Capone called Cicero

The story follows "Capone's rise from the slums of Brooklyn to the head of the criminal underworld in Chicago during Prohibition, when his gang operated casinos and speakeasies throughout the city. In order to operate outside Chicago city limits, the gangster set up headquarters in suburban Cicero, Ill., where he famously took over the city government in 1924."

The script is described as a throwback to the classic shoot-'em-up gangster films that Warner released during the 1930s including Edward G. Robinson's Little Caesar and James Cagney's The Public Enemy and Angels With Dirty Faces.

I love these kind of gangster movies, so I can't help but be excited for this Al Capone origin story that is going into development. This could end up being a classic gangster mob film if it's done right. 

What do you all think?

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