Edward James Olmos Developing BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Graphic Novel Sequel

It looks like we haven't seen the last of William Adama in the most recent version of Battlestar Galactica. Edward James Olmos has revealed that he will be working on a graphic novel sequel to the series, which will focus on Adama's character after the events in the final episode of the hit sci-fi series. 

Here's what Olmos said in a recent interview:

I'm going to go there. I'm going to go there in a graphic novel. Pretty soon I hope. I don't know. It just depends on whether people can get behind it and understand it for what it is. I think people will.

I think people would really flip out to know what Lee Adama is doing on the planet, what the chief is doing on the planet and what is the colonel doing on the planet and how is the planet treating us and how are we treating the planet? How are we getting along, the human development that we were inside of the human development that we see today. That’s pretty heavy.

I want to know what he's doing right now, don't you? I kind of was left with him sitting about to build his cabin, so God almighty I'd like to know what's happening to him right now. In many moments throughout the day, I'll think, 'I wonder what he's doing? What the heck is he up to? What the heck are those people up to?' Here they were 200,000 years ago on this earth. They came from the experience that they came from. All I can tell you is: aren't you guys curious as to what happened to them?

Yes... yes I am curious, and I'd like to see the story continue. There's a lot of different directions that this story could go, and it could be really interesting.

What about you? Are you interested in seeing the story continue, or are you done with this franchise?

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