Here's a Fun FX Heavy Fan-Made TRANSFORMERS Movie

Hey gang! Here's a fun fan-made Transformers short film created by a amateur Russian filmmaker known as repey815 on vimeo. The story for this short is pretty weak, but so are the stories of Michael Bay's multi-million dollar Transformers movies, so I won't hold it against the amateur filmmaker.

This is actually really good for a fan-made film project, and it's worth checking out to see the effects that were done. 

Here's a note from the filmmaker:

My new video experiment, based on Michael Bay's Transformers, for you and myself))
This short film was shot in 2 hours. Edited in month=) For shooting I used my new camera Canon 550D (+ kit lens 18-55mm + 50mm 1.8) and a little bit my friend's camera Nikon D5000 (+ kit lens 18-55mm). 

Check out the fan-made film below and let us know what you think!


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