Sneak Peak: The upcoming indie horror film 'CUT' is slashing it's way into production!

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Super indie director/producer and all around great guy Joe Hollow and his impressive team are wide ass open wrapping up pre-production on their latest horror offering 'Cut' and filming begins next month! There are lot's of cool rumors for casting on this film but we'll find out more as launch time draws near but for now you can check out the set cast below. One thing we can share with y'all today is the official website for 'Cut' so be sure and head over to check it out and visit it periodically for many updates to come!  I feel this is going to be another very cool offering!

Not only is Hollow executive producing this round but also has directing duties with 'Cut' with Wolfgang Meyer co-directing and producing and so far the film has an impressive cast including and in no particular order Larry Laverty, Seregeon O Dassey Brandon Slagle, Frederic Doss, Deneen Melody, Shannon Lark, Devanny Pinn, Robyn Griggs, Julin, Rachel Grubb, Wolfgang Meyer, Jesse Kozel,Joe Hollow, Kaylee Williams, even the king of indie film himself Mr. Lloyd Kaufman and many more names to come!

The majority of the film will be shot in upstate New York with a few other locations added for certain scenes. You can see the whole location outlook and plan by clicking right here.


A small crew of friends start the weekend with a trip into the mountains. Along the way a small prank, local murders and a corrupt town set the stage as terrifying secrets unfold. It's a fight for survival as they spiral through a bloodbath of twists and turns and unexpected horrors.

Stay tuned right here for all things 'Cut' as I'm declaring GeekTyrant your official unofficial news source!


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