GT Small Press Expo Coverage

Last weekend, the 2010 Small Press Expo was held just outside of Washington, DC.  SPX is an annual convention celebrating the little guys in comics.  Most of the creators exhibiting at the show are self-published.  Some of them have been lucky enough to have found a small publishing house to print their book for them.  Some of the people end up going places.  Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley used to exhibit there, for instance.  In other cases, you may encounter a neat comic that you will literally never see again if you don't purchase it at the con.  This year, cameraman Barry Worthington and I wandered around and interviewed anyone who would talk to us and wasn't being mobbed by attendees.  It seemed to be one of the busiest SPXs I have attended.  The embedded video below included conversations with Chris Yura (Two Italian Guys), Michael Auger (contributor to Trickster anthology and DC Conspiracy member), Jonathan Baylis (So Buttons), Josh Jenkins (Plan B), Vanessa Satone (Wasted Minds), Colleen A.F. Venable (Guinea Pi), Charles Brownstein (Comic Book Legal Defense Fund), R.M. Rhodes (Oceanus Procellarum), Lance Hansen (Don't Cry, Hayseed), Jeff Sharp (Coal), Nate Marsh (The Obscure Animal Compendium), Josh Eiserike (Assholes), Tom Arvis (Sureshot Comics) Steve Kozak and David McAdoo (Red Moon), and Jim Rugg (Afrodisiac, Street Angel, and Ignatz Award-winning mini comic Rambo 3.5).

I encountered an interesting rumor during the interview with Baylis:  is DC Comics relocating to California?  Due to the current close-knit relationship between comics and movies and so many of the  newer comics publishers being based out west, it does sort of make sense.  Although one of the big two leaving New York would be weird.  And if this were to happen would Marvel follow?

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