Vintage Advertisements from Fictional Futures

ArtMovieby Joey Paur

Here's a cool collection of vintage advertisement art showing off products from sci-fi films and Tv shows. This art comes from the website Mark A Rayner who is currently holding a contest asking artists to "find a vintage ad, and then create a product from a created world — it can be from a book, movie, TV, etc. It doesn't have to be science fiction; you could go with a fantasy world, an alternate reality, whatever."

Hope you enjoy the fake vintage advertisement movie artwork below. 

The Road

Wizard of Oz

A Clockwork Orange



Soylent Green

The Time Machine


For those you you interested in entering the contest here are the details.

  1. create your masterpiece (a jpg, png, pfd or gif, please)
  2. post it to your blog, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous … or just email it to me
  3. let me know about it, and what it's based on, in the comments here, by email (markarayner-at-gmail-dot-com) or Twitter (@markarayner). (If you want a specific title/credit, and a link to a website, let me know that too.)
  4. they will go in a gallery above
  5. do it by midnight, Monday October 4th (2010)
  6. wait for the aplomb and/or ridicule of your peers
  7. I'll narrow it down to a shortlist of five, and then everyone can vote on those.

Head over to the main website to check out all the details.

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