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Hey everyone! I have quite a few games I am going to go over with you all and I hope I picked something for everyone. Speaking of games has anyone gotten a Beta invite for Star Wars yet? I check my email everyday! Ahh well. Here we go.


Dead Rising 2: Case Zero (X360 DLC)

Bridge the gap between Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 with this bit of DLC, set to release on Xbox Live.

Released August 31st.

I really wanna play this!




TNT Racers (X360, PS3 & Wii)

TNT Racers is an online party racing game.

Released August 2010


Metroid: Other M (Wii)

The creators of Ninja Gaiden take a stab at the Metroid universe.

Released August 31st.




Valkyria Chronicles (PSP)

The story of Valkyria Chronicles II takes place two years after the conclusion of the original game. Driven by their hatred for the Darcsen race, a group of nobles have united to form the Gallian Revolutionary Army, demanding that the Archduchess abdicate the throne. Where once Gallians fought together to push back the invading empire, they now fight each other, the fate of the Darcsens--and their own morals--hanging in the balance.

This is a tactical role-playing game in which players control infantry and armored units in warfare against invading enemy forces. Battles are depicted from a third-person perspective as players fire weapons (e.g., rifles, grenades), use healing or other support items, claim flag points, and move tanks and personnel along city streets.

Released August 30th.




Castle Crashers (PS3)

 Castle Crashers is a four-player game for the PlayStation Network, where players are knights on a quest to regain a stolen idol. This four player RPG adventure will let you Hack, Slash, and Smash your way to victory.

Released August 31st




Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ultimate Edition (X360 & PS3)

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Ultimate Edition comes packed with a variety of additional bonuses and content.

Released August 31st.


I hoped I picked something for everyone in my highlights this week! Here's a full list just in case though. 

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