Jon Favreau Confirms Thor, Black Panther & Captain America Easter eggs in IRON MAN 2

As the Iron Man 2 Blu-ray and DVD release fast approaches information has leaked out on the web in which Jon Favreau confirms Thor, Captain America and Black Panther easter eggs in Iron Man 2. Apparently in one of the special features he discusses the near-ending scene with Nick Fury and Tony Stark where they are talking about the Avenger initiative. 

This is all stuff that can be connected to that we have discussed before, but now some of it has been confirmed:

Yeah, that's from "The Incredible Hulk" (news report on S.H.I.E.L.D monitor), which means it took place before "TIH". If you look you see the the crater on the other monitor, that's the "Thor" thing. That's where the hammer was recovered. This is just a geek heaven here. 

And if you think that anything on this monitors is not something we (in Marvel) didn't talk about for hours - you are crazy! And if you look on that one, see there is a map up there, so... if you look at those maps, each one of those locations corresponds to something in the Marvel Universe. I'm not supposed to say that. 

And if you look on each one, and I know what they mean, but I'm not gonna say it, but I'm gonna say this: Two of them relate to "The First Avenger: Captain America", One of them relates to "Thor", and the one in Africa relates to Black Panther.

Here was our previous theory on Black Panther's easter egg involvement.

In the Marvel universe Wakanda is a fictional African nation which is lead by a king named T’Challa, who eventually becomes The Black Panther when he comes to America. Another reason that Wakanda is so important is In the distant past, a massive meteorite made up of the sound-absorbing mineral vibranium crashed in Wakanda, and is unearthed a generation before the events of the present-day. So it has the large deposit of Vibranium, the metal used to help create a unique alloy Captain America’s shield along with Adamantium. 

How does this apply to Iron Man 2? At the end of the film, once again at the S.H.I.E.L.D. safehouse where Stark is being debriefed there is a map in the background. The map is focused  on Africa and there was a red icon on the map that is pointing at the Wakanda.

We know we'll eventually see Black Panther enter the Marvel movie universe, but will it be in the Avengers? Or will he get his own film? Click here to read more.

Here are a group of screenshots from that scene that show off what Favreau is talking about. 

News footage from The Incredible Hulk.

Thor Crater in the upper left hand corner.

Circled spots from left to right are spot that reveal Iron Man in California, Thor in New Mexico, Hulk in New York, Captain America frozen in Iceland, and in Europe. Then there's a circled spot in the middle of the Atlantic? That's gotta be Namor the Sub-Mariner!

Circled spot in the middle... Black Panther.

Iron Man 2 hits the street on DVD and Blu-ray on September 28, 2010.

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