Clint Eastwood wants to Cast Joaquin Phoenix in J. Edgar Hoover Biopic

Director Clint Eastwood is prepping up to shoot his next film Hoover, based on the life of FBI's J. Edgar Hoover. Leonardo DiCaprio is already cast in the lead role of Hoover, and the deal is being finalized. Vulture is now reporting that Eastwood wants to cast Joaquin Phoenix in the film as well. 

Phoenix is the directors number one pick to take on the role of Clyde Tolson, Hoovers paramour and protege. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the relationship Tolson had with Hoover, he was the associate director of the FBI from 1947 to 1972, Tolson was in daily close contact with Hoover at the office, but even more interesting, the pair also dined, socialized in night clubs, and even vacationed together. Word on the streets of history are that they were gay lovers. 

The script for the film was written by Milk director Dustin Lance Black and the story "explores the two men’s complicated relationship; neither man ever admitted to being gay, and Hoover was known for hunting down and intimidating those who dared questioned his sexual preference while he was alive. But Hoover’s actions in death seem to suggest they were more than simply pals in life: When Hoover died, Tolson was not only the beneficiary of Hoover’s life-insurance policy, he also inherited Hoover's estate and moved into his house. At Hoover’s funeral, he accepted the U.S. flag draped over Hoover's coffin, and today, Tolson's grave is a few yards from Hoover's in the Congressional Cemetery."

This is just the kind of role that Phoenix needs if he is looking to be taken seriously as an actor again. Going off and doing that fake documentary wasn't the smartest decision he's made in his career. 

What do you think about Phoenix possibly being cast as Tolson in Eastwood's next film?

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