Infographic Shows us What Zombie Films we have a Chance of Surviving!

As you all know from the zombie films that we've seen, there are several different kinds of zombies out there. Each set of movie zombies have their own set of attributes that make them special. Some zombie outbreaks are more survivable than others. Here's a chart that breaks it all down for us, called How Dangerous is a Zombie? Here's a note from the creators of the infographic:

We've put together a guide to help understand the dangers of some of Hollywood's most gruesome zombies. For some you'll stand a chance, while with others we wish you the best of luck. Either way, you'll be well prepared should you encounter one while scavenging for survival.

I'd like to think that no matter what I could survive any of the zombie outbreaks in these 19 zombie films. But this chart tell us which of these films are the most survivable. 

Which Zombie films would you rather be stuck in?

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