Now how awesome would you look walking down the street on a rainy day with The Star Wars Star Destroyer Umbrella!? You'ld be the talk of the town! All of a sudden you would start getting invited to big extravagant parties, you would finally be invited to the Academy Awards, and the people would toast to you and your Star Destroyer Umbrella. You would get dream job offers left and right, people would just come up and give you money, your whole life would change with this umbrella! Unfortunately it doesn't exist, it's just a concept design. 

Here's the full description of the this awesome looking Star Wars inspired umbrella concept:

A unique triangular shaped umbrella that folds up just like any other ordinary umbrella. But unlike other umbrellas, this one can withstand the force of a hurricane. Or an attack of a rebel fleet. In space. Warp speed stylez.

The handle is a similar material to the graphite shaft of a golf club, the waterproof fabric is adhered tightly to the frame and all this awesomeness actually weighs less than a golf umbrella with the coolness factor of 100. And when I say coolness factor I mean factor in the chances of never seeing a woman’s genitals ever again.

Who knows, maybe one day maybe it will be real and it will take you to places you've only dreamed of.

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