GOOD OLD GAMES Closure Officially a PR Stunt, Team Apologizes

GameTyrantby Wejo

As many suspected, the closure of digital game distributor Good Old Games we reported on a few days ago was merely a poorly thought out PR stunt. If you visit the site now you’ll be greeted with a fresh design and the following message:

We know our little game with closing down the site made some of you angry. Once again we'd like to apologize to everyone who felt deceived by us closing down without any warning and without giving you access to your games. We apologize for that from the bottom of our hearts, it was done with the best of intentions and hopefully we can make it up to you!

While there’s no sign of the Steam-esque client software some though would accompany the re-launch, the site does have several new features which are highlighted here. They’ve also made available Baulder’s Gate: The Complete Saga for a mere $9.99 and teased that they’d soon be adding a few Hasbro-Licensed PC title to their stable of games.

The video below was produced by the GOG team as an apology for their misbehavior. Think we should forgive them?

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