Roman Polanski to Direct GOD OF CARNAGE with Foster, Winslet, Waltz and Dillion

Director Roman Polanski is currently prepping up to shoot his next film called God Of Carnage, which is based on a Tony-Award winning play from Yasmina Reza. 

He's recently brought together a solid cast of actors for the film which includes Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz and Matt Dillon.

The film tells the story of two sets of parents who meet after their sons are involved in a schoolyard fight. The meeting goes disastrously wrong as each pair attacks the other's parenting skills before turning on each other about problems in their own marriages.

I guess this film is more of a character study, but the premise really doesn't grab me. But you never know what Polanski might throw in there to make things interesting. 

The story for the film is set in Brooklyn, but as you know Polanski’s legal troubles mean that he has to shoot in France. The director can't enter the US due to allegations against him for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor in 1977. 


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