The "Angry Video Game Nerd" Makes His Movie...


Official Logo...Pretty badass, right?

If you're a fan of AVGN, like I am, then you are just going to go mildly apesh*t over this news.  If you are an enemy of movie news announced waaay before any real steps have been made in making it, then you're probably going to find this slightly annoying.  If you fit both categories, then I can only guess your reaction; what do I look like, a frickin' scientist?

You heard right, Tyrants, James Rolfe (creator and actor behind The Angry Video Game Nerd) went on his official website ( today to announce that an AVGN movie is definitely in the works.  A script has been drafted within the last two years, but Rolfe doesn't suppose the film to make an official appearance in another two years...(Check out the video below for more!)

The most interesting part of the video is Rolfe's explanation of his hiatus and changed output of new AVGN episodes.  To summarize his own words, Rolfe DOES NOT plan on giving up or letting go of the AVGN character.  He simply put a control on the quanitiy of episodes to allow him the freedom to do other projects and live his life.

If you're one of those folks who openly attack him for not making enough AVGN videos, STFU and come fight me.  Rolfe is one of the most under-utilized filmmakers in cyberspace today, and we should be lucky that he posts anything creatively at all.  Rolfe does more for the art form of film making than most Hollywood-paid directors could even think about doing.  This soap box speech is for you, kind AVGN.  Consider me an ally when the hoard of angry Internet commenters surely rises up to wipe out the artists...

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