Mel Gibson could end up as a guest-star on MAD MEN!

It looks like there's a possibility that Mel Gibson could show up on the hit TV series Mad Men. He's a big fan of the show and he wants in. Apparently Gibson already met with Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner to discuss the possibility of guest-starring in the show’s fifth season. 

I hope this happens. Gibson would fit perfectly in this world. There's no doubt the guy is a talented actor and director, unfortunately he's nuts. He just needs to keep himself under control. There is a lot of discussion on his career, and if he's completely killed it. He's definitely in a pretty big jam right now, but I think he'll bounce back. Just because you screw up doesn't mean you won't get another chance. Look at what happened with Robert Downey Jr. I just hope the guy can change, if he does then he should be ok.

Weiner is also up for Gibson joining the cast of Mad Men, he see's him as a perfect foil for Jon Hamm’s Don Draper.  Getting on the show also couldn't hurt Gibson's career either, it could only help it at this point. There's no doubt his appearance on the show will also entice more people to watch. Why is that? The curiosity factor! Regardless of how you feel about what Gibson has done, I'm sure most of you would tune into Mad Men just to see what he ends up doing on the show. 

As awesome as this TV series is, it could use a boost in numbers. This last season it struggled to stay above 2 million viewers. Mel Gibson's presence could help keep the show going. This just seems like a win win situation.

What do you all think about the possibility of Mel Gibson guest-starring on Mad Men?

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