Two Creepy Film Clips from PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2

Looks like Paramount Pictures is doing a fun little marketing campaign for their upcoming horror film Paranormal Activity 2. They sent both bloody-disgusting and UGO a video clip with possible clues to the film hidden within.

If you look closely, slow the video down or go frame by frame, you'll see what looks like a woman stealing the soul of a baby. Stealing souls of babies is just plain wrong by-the-way. There's also what looks like could be demonic children and some kind of grim reaper. These are sure to get fans of the first film excited, because these video offer up some random creepy madness. 

The fact that there is a baby involved with this whole thing really disturbs me. Is it possible this sequel could end up being as scary and effective as the first film?

Watch the two film clips below and tell us what you think!