Awsome Trailer for India's Big Budget Sci-Fi Film ENTHIRAN (The Robot)

MovieTrailer by Joey Paur

This is by far the coolest thing that's come out of Bollywood! This new sci-fi film Enthiran (The Robot) is the most expensive movie ever produced in India at around $43 million dallors. As you'll see in the trailer, the filmmakers went all out on the special effects for this thing. Of course they take this stuff seriously in India, but I think it's hilariously awesome. 

The movie was directed by S. Shankar, and I have no idea what anyone is saying in this trailer, but it looks like a pretty insane looking flick. It's got everything from action, singing, dancing, robots and a giant human powered snake robot. Ya gotta love india's style. 

Apparently the story follows an innovative scientist named Dr. Vaseegaran who creates a robot with artificial intelligence. After time, the robot starts to behave more like a human and ends up falling in love with woman named Aishwarya Rai. Of course the villains of the film are well aware of the power of this robot, and they take it to carry out their evil deeds. Vaseegaran sets out on a mission to rescue the robot.

Check out this trailer for the movie below and let us know what you think. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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