Edward Norton Wants a Villainous Role in Christopher Nolan's BATMAN 3

Edward Norton would love to get himself a part in Christopher Nolan's next film Batman 3. Of course at this point what actor in Hollywood wouldn't want to be in the film! We have no idea what the story of the third film is going to be about, or who is for sure going to be the villain, but there's no doubt the film is going to be an incredibly successful movie both at the box office, and for every one who gets cast in it. 

As you know Norton recently got screwed over by Marvel and was replaced as Bruce Banner in the upcoming Avengers film with with Mark Ruffalo. Now that this whole Norton Marvel issue is in the past, Norton is looking forward, and if the right superhero project comes along he'd be up to do it.

Chris Nolan's making the best ones out there by far I'd do one [a superhero movie] with him. He's set a new bar for sure, and I think he's done a great, great job.

IGN pressed Norton on whether he'd be up for playing a villain in Batman 3, the actor replied  saying,

That would be fun, I would not say no to that.

They then asked him more specifically he would like to play the rumored villain of The Riddle. To that he smiled and said,

Your guys can put their votes in on that.

So? What do you all think!? Would you want to see Edward Norton play The Riddler or any other villain in Batman 3? Christian Bale and Edward Norton battling it out in the next Batman film doesn't sound like a bad idea at all. 

In other Batman 3 news, in an Inception press conference in Rome Nolan gave a little update on where the Batman 3 film currently stands.

I don't like to talk too much about things until I'm further along with them. But I'm working on the script right now. My brother Jonah has done a draft for the script and now I'm writing on it. We have set a release date. And as far as the film being officially greenlit, they haven't told they don't want to do it. So I'm hopeful.


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