Joss Whedon Talks more about THE AVENGERS - "This is my film."

We've got about two more years until we see The Avengers assemble for the big screen. Until that time we know that Joss Whedon is going to keep talking about the movie, and as long as he keeps saying stuff to get us excited we'll keep you all up to date on what he's got to say. In previous interviews Whedon has expressed thats he's been waiting his whole life for this moment. Now that he has it he couldn't be more excited to complete it, and neither can we! One thing that he makes perfectly clear in this recent interview with SFX, is that regardless of any restrictions or stipulations, this is his film.

In all of Whedon's interviews he seems to say a lot without saying anything, but it still gives us something to discuss. Regaurding the characters stories in the film he had this to say,

There are definitely stipulations and restrictions, but Kevin Feige is very active as a producer and worked with me a lot on the story, but they are absolutely honouring the fact that this is my film. What I kind of think ultimately defines Marvel Studios was the first thing they did and that was cast Robert Downey Jr. They said, 'What if we got great actors and let them have some time to be the people they're supposed to be instead of going through the paces of hitting this mark and that mark?' They don't always 
get it right, but nobody does. But if 
you look at who they already had, and who they allowed me to add to the cast, they are thinking about the integrity of the characters. Obviously we have to get from point A to point B, and fans really want to see this – and ideas for set-pieces which I said are great. Now I'm going to make them matter and they are completely on board with the idea.

There is a lot riding on this film for Marvel and Whedon. They have to get it right because if they don't the fans will never let them hear the end of it. They will haunt them until they eventually disappear. This movie has to be completely bad ass and successful! But it seems like Whedon and Feige are working well together, and I have faith that these guys will bring us something special, after all this is the moment that Marvel has been leading up to. If this works, Marvel is going to blow up in ways we never expected to see. Whedon continues saying,

What I will struggle with, in the outline and throughout, is that I would like to put these actors in a room and just make Glengarry Glen Ross," he laughs. "We're talking about really exciting people and at the same time I have to keep the momentum of the thing going. I can't let it turn into a lull fest. Knowing that I have enough time to do both of those things – that by the end of the movie you will feel 'in' with these guys – is the trick. It's not an easy one but one that Marvel absolutely honours. They don't hire Mark Ruffalo [the new Hulk] to say one iconic line and strike a pose. They hire him because he has so much humanity in him. He's the antithesis of the iconic actor. He's so human. He was my first choice to play the part, and the fact he is playing the part is nuts! They went to great lengths to make that happen and they understood exactly why he was right for the part.

I'm still extremely happy to see Whedon directing this movie. The guy is very talented, I love how optimistic he is. He's just got such a very positive happy attitude, and I know that's going to help him in developing the best possible Avengers movie that can be made. I'm sure Whedon is going to do an awesome job! He also had this to say,

I’m feeling that everything that I have done before has prepared me for this, besides the fact that I’ve been reading The Avengers since I was 11.

What do you all think about what Whedon had to say?

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