Director of 'The Wackness' to Develop LITTLE GIRL LOST

Movieby Joey Paur

The Wackness director Jonathan Levine is attached to direct the film adaptation of Little Girl Lost for Universal Pictures. The film will be based on the crime novel from Richard Aleas of the same name.

The story follows an NYU dropout turned private detective who investigates the death of a stripper who happens to be his high school sweetheart. The script for the film will be written by Michael Bacall who most recently adapted Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World for Edgar Wright.

Levine just finished shooting his third movie called Live With It starring Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Levine is a good storyteller, and this film sounds like it's right up his ally.

Here's a full description of the novel:

John Blake and Miranda Sugarman dated in high school, but after graduation they went their separate ways: he stayed in New York City and became a private investigator while she moved to the midwest and settled down to a safe, respectable life as an eye doctor. Or so he thought -- until the day, ten years later, when he opened the Daily News and saw Miranda's photo staring out at him under the headline "STRIPPER MURDERED." John wants to find out how Miranda ended up stripping for a living. What happened to Miranda's college roommate, Jocelyn, who also dropped out when Miranda did? And just how was Miranda involved with small-time drug dealer Murco Khachadurian? The closer John gets to the answers, the more dangerous and violent the case becomes, until a bloody assault on someone close to him leads John to a shocking discovery and a shattering face-off with the person responsible.


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