Robert Zemeckis to Direct Live-Action Time Travel Movie

I was sure we'd ever see Robert Zemeckis direct a live-action movie again, but I'm happy to see that he's stepping away from his 3D motion capture CGI technology to actually make a film the old fashioned way. Cast Away was Zemeckis' last live-action film, and he made that over a decade ago.

Zemeckis is looking to direct a big budget tent pole film called Timeless. The film will be produced by Zemeckis and his ImageMovers production company. Mike Thompson has been brought on to writed the screenplay to a story that will deal with time travel. So Zemeckis will also be entering some familiar territory there as well, after all the guy directed all three Back the Future films.

There are absolutley no other details about what this new time travel film will be about. Zemeckis is also on the small list of directors to take on the Christopher Nolan producer Superman project for Warner Bros.

I'm just happy to see Zemeckis hasn't totally given up on live-action filmmaking, this is a good thing. Zemekis' best films are the ones that don't involve 3D motion capture technology. What do you all think?

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