Officially Licenced Fully Functional Retro Batmobile Replica!

Now this would be pretty freakin' awesome if I could actually afford to buy one! Fiberglass Freaks is currently manufacturing officially licenced full size, fully functional replicas of the 1966 Batmobile that Adam West drove around fighting crime in. Unfortunately it would cost you $150,000 dollars to get one, so it would be great for rich people.

Each car takes six months to build and features an array of working gadgets, including a red flashing beacon, a radar screen called 'Detect-a-scope', a retractable, gold-coloured 'Batbeam' and a dashboard DVD player.

The flamethrower in the original Batmobile was the result of the car's turbine engine, but the replica uses a propane tank - mounted in the boot - to create the same effect.

The Lincoln Futura on which the Batmobile is based was never actually put into production, but after finding a body shell on eBay in 2004, Racop had the basis of his replica.

The chassis and running gear come from a Lincoln Town Car, onto which a fibreglass body is placed. The licence from D.C. Comics limits the company to making just eight per year, which renders it one of the world's most exclusive production cars.

Check out the pictures of the the retro Batmobile below and head on over to the official website for more photos and details! This thing is just so cool!