Pushing Daises creator Bringing back THE MUNSTERS

Bryan Fuller the creator of TV series such as Pushing Daisies, is developing a new TV project which will be a reboot of the classic 1960's TV series The Munsters. And yes, the show will be set in modern-day.

Before some of you start moaning and groaning about a modern revamp of a classic TV series, Fuller has done some incredible work on the series he's worked on in the past, Pushing Daisies was awesome! Not only that, but word on the street is Guillermo del Toro is also helping to develop the series. This isn't a surprise at all since he revelaed himself that he was working a few TV shows, and this seems like somthing he would definitley be involved with.

What's most exciting about the show to me is the way it's being described... Modern Family meets True Blood. I'm in!

What do you all think!?

Here's the opening title sequence to the original series:

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