Wes Anderson is Getting Started on his Next Film

I was actually just thinking about when we were going to get to see a new Wes Anderson film! I've always enjoyed the movies that Anderson makes, and now he's started pre-production on his next live-action film project.

We have no idea what the film will be about, but according to The Playlist the director is looking for a boy and a girl, aged 12 years old for the lead roles. So there's specualtion that the film could be targeted to a younger audience much like his last film, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was great! But, just becuase he is looking to cast young characters doesn't mean the film is going to be a kids movie, look at films like Kick-Ass and Let Me In, where younger actors were cast in dark and disturbing films. Even films of his own like Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums had younger characters in them, so his next film could very well, be an adult oriented film with pre-teen actors.

Either way, I can't wait to see what Wes Anderson has planned! What do you all think?

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