Geek of the Week: Man Turns Nerf Gun into Aliens-style heat-tracking autocannon.

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This awesome aliens-style Nerf heat tracking auto cannon was created by our Geek of the Week, Rick Prescott. The modding of an Nerf Vulcan EBF-25TM foam dart shooting machine gun actually won him the grand prize in the MAKE/Design News Gadget Freak Design Contest.  

Prescott says:

An idea sparked in my mind one day while walking the toy gun isle in a store with my kid and later that evening learning of the workings of a thermopile array while surfing the internet. The result is this infrared seeking sentinel which joins a realistically priced infrared sensor to a realistically operatable Nerf® machine gun to create a slightly less deadly yet still highly deterring automated machine.

Check out the demonstration video below and let us know what you think! I would have these set up all over my house!

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