Liam Neeson Cast in Peter Berg's BATTLESHIP

Peter Berg just started shooting his action adventure sci-fi film Battleship, and they added Liam Neeson to the cast of actors! Neeson will take on the role of a character named Admiral Shane, a Naval officer whose daughter (played by Brooklyn Decker) is engaged to a young naval officer played by Taylor Kitsch.

The film is shooting in Hawaii and it also stars Alexander Skarsgaard who plays Kitsch's older brother, and Rihanna, who plays Kitsch's crew mate and a weapons specialist. The film is about an epic battle "on land, sea and the sky between earth’s forces and attacking aliens.”

Neeson, obviously being the great actor that he is, adds a lot of weight to this film project. There's no doubt this is going to be a fun film to watch. Let's just hope it doesn't suck.

What do you  all think about Neeson joining Battleship?

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