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What's happening, Tyrants? We switched things up this week and decided to go old school, recording the podcast live with special guest Kyle from the Geek Tragedy Podcast. Thanks to all who listened live and joined in the chat room, and maybe if we plan the next one better we'll be able to give more than a 20 minute heads up to the rest of you.

In the meantime, listen in as Dr. Venkman, Kyle, Mazer, and Ben P. talk about a variety of topics including Machete, Going the Distance, the state of American romantic comedies, and tons more. Thanks for listening, and we'll catch you all next week.

Box Office Numbers

This Past Weekend - 03:38

(Skip to The Last Exorcism mini-review)

This Week in Box Office History: 1982 - 09:35


The Last Exorcism - 05:45

Machete - 13:42

(We talk about M. Night Shyamalan and Devil  - 23:15)

Going the Distance, and Ben P.'s rant on the current state of the rom-com - 29:15

Geek News

Uwe Boll's Holocaust movie - 36:28

Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" coming to the small screen - 39:35

Liam Neeson cast in Battleship - 41:05

Battleship over Halo movie? - 45:20

Natalie Portman offered lead role in Gravity - 49:00

Clint Eastwood as Superman and James Bond? - 54:35

RIP, Satoshi Kon - 1:00:05

Coming Soon

I'm Still Here - 01:01:30

Resident Evil: Afterlife - 01:01:56

The Virginity Hit - 01:02:20

Site News

MobileTyrant - 01:05:53


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