J.J. Abrams and Jonah Nolan Teaming up for a Crime Thriller TV Series!

TVJ.J. Abramsby Joey Paur

J.J. Abrams and Christopher Nolan's Brother Jonah Nolan are teaming up to develop a new crime thriller TV series that they are currently shopping around town. 

This is a pretty impressive team of talent, and I imagine they've got something pretty cool and exciting up their sleeve. Jonah has worked with his brother on writing several films such as The Dark Knight and The Prestige. This will end up being his first TV project. 

Then you have Abrams who seems to be hitting home runs with what ever he is working on. The guy can't seem to loose. 

According to an insider, one network is extremely interested in the untitled project. I doubt there is only one network interested though. Networks are probably going to be battling it out for this new untitled series.

There isn't really any more information available on the new television pilot. But I wonder if it will incorporate any supernatural sci-fi type elements.

What do you think about Abrams and Nolan teaming up for a crime thriller TV series?

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