Danny Boyle has a "Good Idea" for 28 MONTHS LATER

Danny Boyle (127 hours, 28 Days Later, Sunshine) recently participated in a Question and Answer session for Empire Magazine, and offered a brief update on 28 Months Later, the potential sequel to his 28 days Later zombie film.

A fan asked him about the movie and here's what Boyle had to say:

There is a good idea for it, and once I've got Frankenstein open, I'll begin to think about it a bit more.

This shows that he's definitely interested in making the sequel, and that he's almost ready to start developing an idea. As for the Frankenstein project he mentions... that's a stage play adaptation of Mary Shelly's classic novel that he's developing in London.

I would love to see Boyle take on a 28 Month's Later! What do you all think?


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