New Poster And Synopsis For THE HAMILTONS 2: THE THOMPSONS

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The Butchers Bothers are at it again! They will be bringing us the long awaited sequel to the international hit The Hamiltons which was part of After Dark Horrorfest 4. This time we meet The Thompsons and we have the long-ass synopsis below. There's no release date yet but we'll keep all you horror fanatics posted. Let us know what you think after the fun read!


THE HAMILTONS 2: THE THOMPSONS. You never really know who your neighbors are...


When we first met The Hamiltons, they were the dysfunctional, orphaned family who harbored a very dark secret in The Butcher Brothers’ award-winning psychological horror film. It was then when we discovered their truth; they are vampires.


Now, living as The Thompsons in a small northern border town, the family has strived hard to keep a low profile the past few years, carefully restraining their murderous habits. For the first time, they are starting to understand what it feels like to live normal lives… until recently.


Someone has begun to brutally kill young women within their tight knit community. The unknown killer exposed by the local news as someone who drains the blood of his victims and leaves them for dead. The district police take it personal, vowing to catch the killer immediately.


The Thompsons instantly start to blame one another for the murders as the bodies begin to pile up. Each family member swears they’ve kept to the pact of hunting prey miles out of town, but they are soon left with only one last conclusion… Could another possible “family” be responsible for the murders?


In the interim, we follow Francis Thompson who is now 21. Francis has grown into an apathetic young man, having to kill to literally survive. He is unsettled by what he does, yet is beginning to acquire a taste for the hunt.


At a restaurant where Francis works, he meets Riley Stuart, 19, the only girl in town that seems to catch Francis’ interests as more than a potential kill. As Francis spends time with Riley, he finds out that she is more than just an ordinary girl. In fact, she is just like him – someone who must live on blood in order to survive.


We soon come to learn about Riley and her family, the Stuarts. They come from money and though new to the area, The Stuarts are quickly well accepted in the community. But this affluent family also has their own dark secret; they are the ones responsible for the cold-blooded murders that are terrifying this once peaceful area.


The Stuarts forbid Riley to continue seeing Francis and send the strong message that both families cannot “survive” in the same town. Francis and Riley become star-crossed lovers finding refuge within each other as a bloody feud erupts between the Stuarts and The Thompsons.


Meanwhile, the town slayings have been escalating, and the police circle in on The Thompsons, who are seemingly being set up by the Stuarts to take the fall for the horrific murders. And for Francis, he is now at a crossroads to either defend his incriminated family or to protect the girl that he ultimately loves.

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