Michael Rosenbaum may end up returning to SMALLVILLE as Lex!

We've been hearing for quite awhile that the producers and fans of Smallville were working on getting Michael Rosenbaum to reprise his role as Lex Luthor in the final season of Smallville. Rosenbaum has been quick to say that he will not return, but according to an inside source, the producers are "cautiously optimistic" that the star will return for the last few episodes of the shows final season. 

The news comes from TV Line and he also say's that Kristin Kreuk will definitely not be back.

Can you give us a big Smallville scoop? 

If what I’m hearing about the show’s final batch of episodes is true, producers are at the very least cautiously optimistic that the very busy Michael Rosenbaum will be back. Kristin Kreuk, meanwhile, will definitely not be back. Sorry Lana fans. (There are Lana fans out there, yes?)

This still doesn't mean Rosenbaum will officially return, but it gives us Smallville fans some hope. Rosenbaum was an awesome Lex Luthor, and the series finale has to include him. It will be a shame if he doesn't return.  

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