Exclusive: Poster, Images and Teaser Trailer Debut for The Upcoming Horror/Drama Short WHAT THEY SAY



Hey peeps! Here's the exclusive first look at the poster, images and trailer for the upcoming horror/drama short What They Say. The trailer is bad-ass too and be sure you visit the links provided in the press release below for perks and an opportunity to be a part of the short film.

From the Press Release:

They thought she had the perfect life; wealthy and privileged, an honor student with her whole life mapped out. What they didn’t know was what lied inside of her; pain and anguish; tearing at her until there was nothing left. Lost and alone, the young women (Heather Dorff), finds solace in the form of a glistening blade, splitting her skin deeply. Her self-indulgent mother and obnoxious sister (Kelsey Zukowski), are completely oblivious to her inner-turmoil. She has long since become numb to the world around her, getting that sensual release, as the razor cuts deeper, watching the blood drip, is all that matters. As soon as the last drop falls, the calm is stripped away from her with it. How far will she go to silence the hunger that now consumes her? Will she be able to regain control of her life, body, and sanity?


                                                        Evil lies within. How long will it stay there?

What They Say is based on a short story written from producer and star of the film, Heather Dorff. The whole story, from beginning to end, came to her on the way to work one morning during a dark time in her life. Dorff says,

“It reminds me of how far I've come emotionally and in life in general since I wrote the short. It's a story very close to my heart as I really love cherish the dark tone of the story - I had never written anything similar to the short before then - and since I realized it could be made into a film and started pre-production it has become that much more important to me”.

What They Say is a short dark drama with horror elements, but it is not a horror film. It centers around the young woman’s inner struggles, constantly fighting against the darkness that lies inside her. The audience is brought inside of her mind, something she keeps utterly closed off from the world around her. She fears and has weaknesses just like anyone else. Everyone in her life is extremely superficial. They are desperate to shed a positive image of themselves even if they hold ugly emotions inside. The protagonist holds everything on the inside, until she can't any longer, and she begins to lose control. Actress/producer Heather Dorff on her character:

“She's damaged. Broken. I don't think she knows how to piece herself back together anymore. I don't think she wants to”.

Co-star, Kelsey Zukowski adapted Heather’s short story in to the script.

“As soon as Heather told me about it I was immediately drawn to it and knew it was something I wanted to be involved with. It takes your average suicidal demise story and makes it much more visceral and raw; that dark urge inside hungering for more. There‘s a great questioning of whether there‘s still hope or if it defeating this girl is inevitable”,

says Zukowski.

What They Say will be filmed in Chicago this spring and directed by Justin R. Romine of Fathead Films. Co-founder of Fathead Films, Keith Romine, is a producer of the project as well. Fathead Films recently wrapped up their short Chicago-based vampire film, Afraid of Sunrise, also starring Heather Dorff, Andy Schatner, and featuring Deneen Melody who has a supporting role in What They Say as “the best friend”. The film also stars Tina Renee as the “the beauty queen”.




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Indiegogo: http://www.indiegogo.com/What-They-Say

Rockethub: http://rockethub.com/projects/872-what-they-say 

Website: WhatTheySayFilm.Com

Visit:    FatheadFilms.net

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