Kieron Gillen Takes Over UNCANNY X-MEN Writing Duties

Comic Bookby Wejo

Marvel Comics has been quite high on bearded wunderkind Kieron Gillen (Thor, Generation Hope) as of late. Today, the publisher announced he will take over head writing duties for Uncanny X-Men on issue 534.1, which will release this April.

With the help of artist Carlos Pacheco, Gillen has crafted a tale involving the public’s reaction to Magneto returning to California as an X-Man.  The issue has been billed as a “great jumping on point,” so if you’re a new reader, take note. In the next issue, Terry Dodson becomes the book’s resident artist, and a new arc begins featuring baddies from Breakworld.

Gillen’s a great writer and should do wonders for the book. Will you be reading? 

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