Fan-Made Concept Art of BANE for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

Tom Hardy has just been confirmed to be playing the character Bane in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, and now some potential concept art has been released online that gives us an idea of what the character might end up looking like in the film.

The concept art was done by Humza Khan who is trying to actually get on the the film project, and here's what he had to say about them in a series on posts:

These are some concepts that I have done to get onto the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight sequel / Batman 3 team.

I posted these to promote myself because I am still trying to get on to the project. These are posted here to help get as much exposure as possible and to help get hired. 

My design of Bane is closest to the comics, especially the Knightfall story arc. 

This version of the character was born and grew up in prison to pay for his father's crime, committed his first murder at age 8, and was a vicious fighter who was a pretty big guy before he was injected with venom. 

In the comics, instead of attacking Batman head on, he realizes Batman too smart for that. So instead, he attacks Arkham Asylum and releases the inmates. This forces Batman to spend 3 months hunting them all down until he becomes exhausted and sleep deprived. Only then does Bane break into Wayne more and breaks Batman's back, paralyzing him instead of killing him for the sole fact that he wants him to live in shame and defeat. 

In my character design, Bane's biggest threat is his tactical machiavellian mind over his sheer size and enhanced strength. The design of suit is suppose is drawn from the comics but with some adjustments taken from swat and military armor to have it designed for close quarter urban combat.

So this isn't any solid concept art, but it gives us a fans view of what Nolan's Bane might end up looking like. What do you all think of the concept art?

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