Look Out! Interplanetary Horror Will Strike With NEBULUS

The team behind the Science Fiction Thriller 15 Till Midnight - which is currently making its way through festivals and has garnered extremely positive early reviews - is set to begin work on the "Interplanetary Psycho-Chiller" horror feature NEBULUS.  Actor Brandon Slagle (Kinky Killers, the upcoming Manson Rising) from his screenplay for Zeroinside Films.  The production team includes Wolfgang Meyer (15 Till Midnight, the recently completed Cut), Devanny Pinn (Piranha 3D, Nude Nuns With Big Guns), and Eric Pereira (second unit on Piranha 3D).  Principal photography will begin in front of greenscreens in Los Angeles, in the trenches of Death Valley, and in the vast landscapes of Arizona in late summer/early fall of this year.

Casting will begin in Los Angeles in the spring, once post-production of Slagle's directorial effort, the fantasy-horror feature VIViD, ends. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1735233/  VIViD starred Slagle along with Rachel Grubb, Devanny Pinn, Keith Kraft, Barry J. Ratcliffe, the ECW's Al Snow, and Bill Oberst, Jr.


"The End of the World Won't Take Place on Earth..."

Synopsis -

In the vein of "ALIEN", "SUNSHINE", "PANDORUM" and "PITCH BLACK" comes a  tale set in the far future when mankind has been forced to flee Earth.

Years  after the initial evacuation, a group of four soldiers with no memory  of their own identities and stranded on an unknown planet, find  themselves in a race against time as they are pursued by unknown,  energy-based lifeforms while attempting to learn the dark secret that  surrounds the secrets of why mankind was forced to abandon its  homeworld...and why it seemingly disappeared upon reaching a false  salvation...

NEBULUS should premiere in the Spring of 2012 - "Plenty of time to play upon
everyone's fear of the world ending."
say the Producers...

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