Sundance 2011 Review: VAMPIRE

I was actually looking forward to watching this new unconventional vampire film called Vampire. When I first found out the concept of the film I thought it would be something worth watching, it captured my attention. Unfortunately it’s not worth watching, and it was a pretty awful film that never grabbed my attention.

I’ve never seen so many people walk out of a movie this year for any other film at Sundance, which tells you just how bad the movie was. A steady stream of people just walking out of the theater. 

The movie was directed by Japanese director Iwai Shunji, and he tried to bring to tell a very dark story about a serial killer that kills people who already wants to commit suicide, and drains them of their blood so he can drink it. He preys on these women online, then sets up a meeting where he makes then believe that he’s going to commit suicide with them, when his plan all along to drain them of their blood. The movie pretty much takes you through a poorly acted and written journey through the mind of a very boring serial killer.

I didn’t care at all for this film, so I wont recommend it to any of you. I seriously think it’s a waste of time. If you eventually want to give it try, by all means go ahead, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

Here’s the official synopsis for the film:

Not all of those amongst us who crave blood are vampires, and not all vampires crave blood. For those of you expecting anything remotely resembling Twilight, Nosferatu, or Bela Lugosi, Vampire may not be your cup of the red elixir of life. . . . Simply put, Vampire gives new meaning to the word "vampire."

Simon seems like a fairly normal, average young man who’s devoted to his teaching job and ailing mother. Underneath the surface, however, things are not what they seem. Simon hunts through online chat rooms and message boards, searching for the perfect girl: beautiful, shy, and suicidal. Simon has a particular condition: he is compelled to drink blood. 

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