Sundance 2011: Kevin Smith's RED STATE Q&A Reveals his Original Ending of the Film

Here's a fifteen minute Q&A session that Kevin Smith participated in for his second screening of his new film Red State up at the Sundance Film Festival. We filmed the video in which Smith talks about distribution plans for the film, and reveals what he originally had planned for the ending of the movie. After hearing what the original ending was, I was disappointed that he didn't do it. His first idea for an ending was much, much better than the ending the film ended up with. I would have liked the film a lot better with the first ending, it was much more bold and would have taken the movie to an awesome level.

The Q&A included the lead actor in the film Michael Parks, but I cut it out because he talked very quietly, and you couldn't really hear and understand what he was saying. 

The video below does contain SPOILERS so if you don't want to know how the film ends then I suggest you don't watch the video. If you do watch it and you have already seen the movie, let us know what you think about Smith's first idea for an ending to the film.

He talks about the ending at the 6:20 mark in case you were wondering.

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