New Photos Of DOCTOR WHO Brick Building Sets

A few days ago, we reported on a new range of Doctor Who brick building sets.  Images of these sets have begun to emerge online.  Character Options is getting right to all eleven incarnations of the Doctor, which is something I didn't expect right away.  There's also a TARDIS control room, a Dalek progenitor set, and a Cyberman conversion chamber.  It seems they were just unveiled at the London Toy Fair; here are a few pictures I found on Facebook.  I am intrigued by how ambitious this line is turning out to be.  I'll be at the New York Toy Fair next month, so I hope these sets are on display there.  There's a blurb on one of the posters in the pictures that says "compatible", so I assume these bricks will be Lego compatible.

 More photos of the sets can be seen at

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